Measure Four Times

Welcome to simplicity in measurement. This right here is the “Tutti,” a measuring spoon that has not one, not two, not three, but four measuring spoons on it. The most advanced simplicity in measuring spoons I’ve seen in the past is the set of spoons on a ring. This is better than that. It’s 4 bits of ability in one piece of metal. That’s rockin. Also it looks slick.

I wanna ask you – do you love the simplification of our industrial design world? Or are you into change for other reasons, such as style, fashion, cultural reasons? I’d love to see a cross stamped into these.

If you’re a designer yourself – have you designed something simpler than this? If you’re a human being living in a home with a kitchen area – what’s the simplest measuring spoon you’ve seen?

Designer: Jessie C. Chou