Two Slams One Broke Egg

You are terrible at breaking eggs! Or not. I know I’m terrible at it, there’s always a bit of shell in there with the white. But those days of crunchy scramblers are over! This object right here is an egg cracker, it’s called the “Punch-Bell Egg Cracker” and it’s fabulously superior to all the other cracking instruments I’ve ever used. Granted, my methods of hitting an egg with a hammer weren’t the most inspired bits of my thoughtful history, but this metal object is tops.

Stainless steel egg cracking loveliness. You may have seen this object on one of the original Iron Chef episodes back when you watched TV. All you’ve got to do is place the hat on the egg and drop the ball down twice. It employs the perfect amount of force in just the right place to crack the top of the egg off for a perfect pour of that scrumptious early day breakfast meal.


Designer: H. Dolp, Markus Roling, and V. Zitzman [ Buy it Here, Punch-Bell Egg Cracker is available for $40.00 @ YD Store ]

Punch-Bell Egg Cracker by H. Dolp, Markus Roling, and V. Zitzman

Punch-Bell Egg Cracker is available for $40.00 @ YD Store






  • tudza says:

    Oh to have an unlimited budget and more cupboard space than I know what to do with.

    Did anyone consult the inhabitants of Lilliput on this device?

  • lol says:

    This is so old. My grandfather has had one a few years ago.

  • Designer says:

    I feel like it makes thing complicated.

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