Warming Tea with Sticks

Or ON sticks I should say, as that’s what you’re about to do once you’ve got your hand grabbers on this fabulous invention right here. This is the “Teapot Warmer” designed by Christoph Matthias specifically for you tea lovers and tea enthusiasts out there looking for a new way to heat tea. It is like a campfire, it is said, and reminds one of the warming glow and loving environment of the outdoors, roughing it without roughing it.

Truly you will feel the loving tenderness of heating your tea in this unique way. Open up your pile of wooden planks and place the fire inside. Then on top the tea goes plop, and you shall have a fancy sip!

Made of strips of oiled European walnut wood and a spirally cut stainless steel tealight holder.

Designer: Christoph Matthias [ Buy it Here, Teapot Warmer is available for $79.00 @ YD Store ]


Teapot Warmer is available for $79.00 @ YD Store

Teapot Warmer by Christoph Matthias