Kitchennette – Wire Kitchen by Jan Jannes Dijkstra

A kitchen made out of wires which was coated with a plastic layer afterwards. What makes a kitchen a kitchen In essence it has to have a sink, working space, a stove and space to store things: to dry, wash, cut and cook. The products that belong to the module determine the shape.

Designer: Jan Jannes Dijkstra Via: Core77


  • Erica says:

    well, the wires make a kitchen look real messy.
    not easy to clean the grease and dirt, imagine wiping each wires, can take hours or work.

  • Sonny Angela says:

    but its A okay for temporary modular mobiling kitchen…easy to assembly and so light material.
    Still clever.

  • mif991 says:

    The idea is good, the aesthetics are not. If I had this in my studio, people visiting would feel sorry for me.

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