All In One Kitchen by Sebastien Poupeau

Open-space all in one kitchen is where the cooker and guests are invited to meet together. The main work top, which is height-adjustable, includes a food cutting area. In front of this is a digital screen enabling the cooker to pilot the equipment, listen to music or access to the web to find recipes for instance. This ‘multi-screen’ is extended by a dining surface. On both sides stand two units; one with induction hobs and an oven for cooking, preparing; the other with a sink and its drying rack fitted into and a dishwasher with two separated racks. The project also envelops an upper level for the hood and a heating area. A light made of optical fibre under the surface holds the glasses over the guests.

Designer: Sebastien Poupeau


  • loui says:

    where can i buy Hyper Kitchen by Sebastien Poupeau

    regards ,loui h.

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