Come Give Me A Gentle Squeeze

Sometimes I really consider myself to be a fusspot when it comes to stress relief. I find squeezing stress balls too childish and the juggling of those Zen balls is best left to monks. One thing that has taken my fancy is lights and the unique odd ways in which I can use it to my advantage. Diana Lin’s d°light Bubbles looks dandy enough on their own, but I totally dig the interactive aspect. The bunch just beckons you to come over and give them a delightful squeeze. They even give out a ‘whoo’ sound at every pinch; sweet silicone bubble LEDs. I want one for my stress!

Designer: Diana Lin [ Buy it Here d°light Bubbles available for $139 @ YD Store ]

d°light Bubbles LED Squeezable Lights by Diana Lin


d°light Bubbles available for $139 @ YD Store