Portable Freezer With Lights

The Eco Freezer is a small picnic-hamper-sized freezer unit that uses a unique method to keep your beverages and salads chilled and fresh. The cover of the freezer features two led lamps with photocells. These lamps produce the energy for working the freezer and dispense the current via magnetic induction. If you haven’t over-stuffed the box, you may want to opt for the one lamp function, where the freezer goes into a “low mode” and gets power from only one lamp; the other lamp can be used of illumination. However, if you decide to use both the lamps for illumination, the cooling system stops. To achieve the “high mode” of cooling, you’ll need to sap in energy from both the lamps.

In the lamp mode, you can set 3 modes for illumination: on, S.O.S & flicker.

Should you run out of batteries for cooling, the container doubles up as a thermal box, keeping the contents cold for a long while.

I see where this design is going, as a picnic box it’s trying to add value to the package with the lamp. The function of the torch will come in handy if you need to beam out some S.O.S signals or require lights. I have a portable freezer that I use in my car (it hooks up to the cigarette lighter for sourcing power), but I see more value in using a box with photocells for charging.

Designer: Ruben Iglesias


The Portable Eco Freezer by Ruben Iglesias