More than ‘Just another lamp’

My professor in design college told me something that really resonates with me even today. You don’t decide when to get an idea. The idea decides when to get to you. The mark of a creative person is their ability to catch the ideas that come to them. The JAL (Just Another Lamp) was born from that very moment when a fleeting idea was caught by a designer as he doodled his way through a meeting. Obviously, the meeting then went off-topic, and the JAL was refined and developed into what it became today!

Designed to look like an hourglass, but one filled with light, rather than sand, the JAL is rather appropriately named because its conception wasn’t intentional. It’s beautiful no doubt, but its inspiration seems so casual, it’s almost comedic that something this aesthetic developed from it.

Designed to look like a martini-esque hourglass with an ambient lightbulb in it, the JAL’s beauty arises from its simplicity and its ability to be whatever you want it to be. The glass comprises two conical containers in the hourglass shape, that can be used to store anything, making the lamp a rather versatile piece of decor (rather than ‘just another lamp’!). The bulb can be oriented either way, allowing you to use the lamp in any orientation that you’d like. The JAL comes in multiple sizes and even colors and finishes. The small lamp is ideal for shelves and tiny side-tables (or even around greenery), while the larger one can be used as a stand of sorts or even as a part of the decor should you go for the frosted JAL or the tinted Prussian blue (my personal favorite remains the JAL with the Bonsai cactus underneath it).

Each hourglass component of the JAL is handblown by renowned glass blower Ferran Collado in Barcelona. It comes with a slight notch in its rim to allow the lamp’s cable to slide through. The light itself is an LED bulb, so it won’t ever heat up, making the JAL an ideal stand for your pencils, plants, or bits and bobs. You even get to choose the color of electrical cord you want with the JAL.

Designed to be simple and pure, but also infinitely versatile, the JAL can be any type of lamp you want it to be. It’s the sheer number of possibilities with the JAL that make it more than ‘Just Another Lamp’. A rather marvelous thing to come out of a doodle, I’d say!

Designer: MOS Design

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