Expansion tent concept brings better habitability and improved durability

If you go camping regularly, sometimes during different seasons and with different people, you probably have different kinds of tents that will suit the environment and the company. But what if you could have just one tent which you can adjust and change the shape to suit your needs and the number of people that can stay inside? Of course you would want to have that one instead of having several at your disposal (unless you plan to collect different kinds of tents of course).

Designer: Yeonguk Choi

The 2/3 home is a concept for a backpacking tent that can be expanded, folded, and changed depending on what you need, what season it is, and how many people will be staying inside. It’s a combination of tunnel-type tents and alpine tents but with supposedly much easier ways to assemble, pack, store. The designers experimented with different kinds of materials and types of tents until they were able to find and develop a concept that can hopefully become an actual multi-functional tent.

Using woodwork and nylon 15D fabric in the trial and error phase, they were able to come up with something that works using 20D fabric and Monolite lip-stop nylon mesh for the ventilation part. They also used various plastic subsidiary materials for the other parts and DAC press fit 8.7mm for its tent pole. Basically, the final product is “a backpacking tent that expands with you”. The Duo Mode, as its name states, is meant for two people with an alpine tent model while the Trio Mode is the expansion mode that can accommodate three people.

The Duo Mode is compact, easily installed with its one main pole and two ridge poles. Aside from its small size, it’s also built to withstand some strong weather conditions including strong winds with its bow-like bent tent. It’s also more “livable” than the normal alpine tent since the interior has a hexagonal shape. The Trio Mode is where you can add a separate tent extension to connect to the duo mode. Aside from being able to fit in three people, it’s more habitable because you get more space and is recommended for use during winter.