Spot of Lamp for You Darling?

Perhaps a dash of second-hand cups? That’s what this installation is made up of. There’s nothing more “green” in the world, in my mind, than re-using items that have been discarded by another person. Not necessarily discarded in this case, as these cups were certainly taken from places other than a garbage can. More like goodwill shops and all that. Each cup’s got a hole punched up the bottom of it, light put in, at the end of a rod. Lovely!

Now these were installed for an exhibition as run by a local power company in Stuggart, but can’t you just see them selling out in the stores as hand-crafted “Tea Lights”? Definitely they’d be running off the racks where I’m writing this from, Minneapolis Minnesota.

Very pretty!

Designer: Louisa Köber



Teelicht aka Tee Lights by Louisa Köber