Yanko Claus: Win a Malcolm Fontier Diplomat Bag!

UPDATE: Congrats Martin!

To start off this happy Tuesday our friends at Malcolm Fontier want to gift one lucky reader with a 13″ Diplomat Bag. YAY! I raved about Malcolm Fontier before so I asked them to share the love with you guys. All the bag deets after the jump but to enter, just leave a comment about your favorite color and why. We’re gifting something away almost everyday so check back!

Sponsor: Malcolm Fontier

This compact carryall will keep you organized and light on your feet. It perfectly holds life’s essentials and any extras you may discover on your adventures. You cannot get more great features in a bag this size- period.

  • Fits a laptop up to 13.3″
  • Soft, and durable PU coated canvas
  • Natural linen lining
  • Neoprene electronics pockets
  • Built-in wallet/cardholder
  • Passport Pocket
  • Padded laptop protection
  • Eazy magnetic flap closure
  • Quick access magazine and boarding pass pockets
  • Great unisex size

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 3.25”
Materials: PU coated Canvas, PU accents (details)


About Malcolm Fontier

Attention free-spirited jet-setters and go-getters- your accessories have arrived. When you take a creative approach to work, travel and life- your accessories should do the same.

We also believe that adventure and style go hand-in-hand. So, whether you’re tackling an unknown corner of your neighborhood, a career-defining project or a last-minute trip to Buenos Aires- our carryalls make the perfect companion.


  • Patrick N. Crisp says:

    My favorite color is red, although when it comes to cars, I tend to like black.

  • jack says:


    Remainds me of my girlfriend’s eyes.

  • Michael says:

    My favourite color is white, as my notebook and snow and the skin of my little daughter

  • Ro-Chelle says:

    Henry Ford said it best “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” its sexy and elegant!! what else would you want.

  • k0rt says:

    Orange! it’s something that stands out because most people are afraid to wear it!

  • John says:

    The right shade of orange can be both daring and classic, vibrant and warm. It is a color that evokes passion and reveals a side of life most people have but few people share.

  • patrondubs says:

    My favorite color is the color of a curly piece of Koa wood. The way that the wood naturally pulls you in with is wavy sensual patterns. Simply fantastic. As far as a favorite actual color I would have to go with red brick red and of course this bag with its beige wheat interior.

  • George says:

    The blue of my wife’s eyes.

  • Kdathu says:

    My favorite color is dark blue (like my car) or black (like my soul).

  • Christine M. says:

    My favorite color is blue, cool like the ocean!

  • I like red because it’s Canon’s accent color.

  • cki says:

    I love black. I just goes with everything.

  • Sean says:

    Blue, since it is featured on almost every Gundam.

  • Libbe says:

    My favorite color is black. It is the slate that is anything but blank!!

  • I likey the color of green…….there are loads of different shades and styles of green that each convey a different emotion, environment, and style..

    Green is also used more now then ever as and adjective. I like how the word green and the color green are both the same and very different.

    “Are you green?……..SUPER GREEN!!”

    The 5th element

  • mi says:

    Forest green.

    I wish the world color could return to forest green in two years. Plant, Plant, Plant!

  • beni says:

    Purple, why? because it is the color of royalty! <–layers on connotation here

  • Maya says:

    My favourite color depends on my mood 😉 Now I like red… but blue sometimes suits me perfect! Black is the only color that make eyes spark (Coco Chanel said something like that, with wich I agree). According to me, the best color for this cool bag is GREY 😉

  • Terry says:

    Black it is. Basic and unassuming. Doesn’t draw attention to oneself, yet looks great with everything.

  • Joe Cool says:

    Red. It always has been, I don’t like it everywhere, but whenever I am designing and I need an accent color to make something really pop, red is my first choice. Followed by black, because I’m a graphic designer and I can’t ever be fully satisfied by any single color, and because it is extremely versatile.

    Great looking bag too. I’d love one.

  • Bryan says:

    Love Black..and the black bag. Very Classic and classy.

  • Yatzik J. Krupak says:

    Brown is a color of- dirt, chocolate, my favorite corduroy pants,

  • Corey says:

    im an architecture student….its black all the way for me. it says syle without being overstated.

  • Hoyun says:

    Blue, but not too bright or bold. A nice soothing blue. Cause its calming and soothing?

  • Matt says:

    Black is my favorite. Its just so sleek.

  • Que says:

    My fave colour is purple because it’s wild and classy at the same time. Purple clothes and highlights look fab on me and the colour is very emotive. It’s been my fave colour for as long as I can remember.

  • Paul says:

    My favorite color is blue. Which is also my wife’s favorite color. Need I say more !!

  • Alexi says:

    For a bag like this, black (semi-formal to formal) or brown (casual).

    Man, a black version of this would be perfect with my black Macbook, black uniform and flight bag!! Imagine if you were flying somewhere and one of your pilots hopped on the plane with this bag.. Not only can he take you anywhere around the world, this shows he’s got classy taste and style too! =) What’s more… it fits a 13.3″ laptop, which is the size of my laptop.. and it’s designed for travelling, which I do a lot!

    If I get this, I can replace my 9 year old boring briefcase I’ve been using since flight school, and go to work or travel in style. I’ve been looking for a new bag, and never been so excited about a bag and a Yanko item until now!!

    Santa (and Yanko, and Malcolm Frontier), I’ve been really good this year… =)

  • tyler76 says:

    I have to say black. It’s always classy and pairs with any colour to create a new ‘cooler’ feel.

  • Lila says:

    Black. It has always been the color of sophistication, with the perfect flair of mystery. It hints the flavor of all the colors of the pigment spectrum, yet masks them all with velvety satisfaction.

  • John Darrow says:

    My favorite color is burgundy – a dark reddish purple. For ink, I like purple. both give a touch of brightness while still being subdued.

  • Tim says:

    A really deep violet
    it really is the color of kings!

  • Val says:

    Ultramarine, because this wondrous color, as the 15th century Italian artist Cennino Cennini so eloquently put it, is “illustrious, beautiful, and most perfect, beyond all other colors.”

  • Matt says:

    Mine is gray, specifically the color a rain cloud.

  • Boladji says:

    Black… will play up or down to the moment

  • Andrew says:

    My favorite color is Gray, I guess because of the feelings it invokes.

  • Nokadota says:

    My favorite color is cerulean blue and has been since 5th grade. Being a designer from even an early age, I somehow had a knack for understanding color relationships.

    Also, when Pokemon exploded here in the US, we found out that Misty was a gym leader in Cerulean City. Awesomeness.

  • JD says:

    Gunmetal grey. goes with everyhing, and isn’t black like everything else! AND I need this bag desperately…..so throw this dog a bone, friends!

  • Jason says:

    Cerulean. Why? Well because it just plain sounds sexier than “blue” and was my favorite Crayola crayon color back in the day. Also, I used to think it was pronounced Seh-ruh-leen.

  • Alexander Dowker says:

    My favorite color depends on what I’m trying to accomplish…from day to day, it tends to be blue…in order to fit in….at night, it tends to be red, because I’m trying to stand out.

    PS love the bag

  • Andrew says:

    Green. It is growth, life, warm or challenging.

  • John says:

    neon green. you can’t miss it.

  • van says:

    it used to blue, but now i find it to be quite boring. I am drawn towards more vibrant colors — like orange, burnt orange to be exact.

  • Michael Benfield says:

    BURGUNDY It is a colour that says you have class enough to go with your good taste, that you buy to hold forever, not for the Season.

  • Jacob says:

    red. red demands my attention. sometimes colors start to fade into the background for me, but a well placed red reminds me that we live in a vibrant world and i’m grateful for that.

  • saud says:

    Color has to be Dark Purple. Stands for Royalty and Prestige.

  • Larry N. says:

    Green, because it’s part of being born under the sign Cancer, apparently.

  • jayant pande says:

    I like the colour white as its gives me a clean feeling and in Australian sun it reflect the sun.
    So it protecteds me from heat and UV rays…

  • B says:

    I actually really like brown, especially for bags. It’s dark and classy, like black, but it’s also lovely and warm at the same time.

  • Chadams says:

    Deep cherry wood finish colored brown. Never goes out of style and goes with everything. It’s like an earthy, more natural black.

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