Swipe, Zigzag and Scan

In the league of portable scanners, so far the biggest innovation has been to make them as small as a wand. Harry Potter series is long gone and its time to lose the wand and embrace the Zcan – the world’s first wireless scanner mouse. Mind you people, we said MOUSE! We have seen plenty of scanners before but not this kinda 2-in-1 Device!

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO4h1c5lGbI 600 451]

By integrating the scanner into the mouse, a new unique way of scanning documents, books, magazines etc. has surfaced. Imagine … sketch, scan and upload your work on the notebook, so swift and easy!

Love it? We do too – get yours via this Indigogo Campaign.

What we like about it is the funky swipe with a zigzag motion that reflects the scanned potion on your computer screen. Swipe – capture – directly import to Excel and text (instead of PDF since you can edit the two in Microsoft Office). You can even share the scanned images to Facebook, Twitter or translate to speech.

For example, you found a great design in a magazine and want to share it on Facebook, simply Swipe – Capture – Share! How about that exciting box of Ramen you bought from Japan but not sure what it contains…. Scan the ingredients and translate via Google! As simple as that!

Here are some of the uses of this handy mouse: immediate document backup, specific portion of document scan, receipts, business cards, nutritional information printed in a foreign language (scanned and translated).

The great part about the technology used is that the scanned image stays saved and searchable, allowing you to get rid of the unwanted papers. Sync it with your iPad or iPhone and retrieve information in a jiffy.


  • Scan to Table – Zcan supports powerful scanning and editing features, which can convert an entire table into one single sheet in Excel.
  • Scan to Text – Edit scanned text, which is much faster than typing it entirely from scratch.
  • Scan to Speech – Zcan helps users learn how to pronounce a particular word or intonation. Users can use Google Translate as an audio book tool, getting it to read aloud articles, books or even a foreign language magazine (after it is scanned).
  • Break Down Language Barrier – Zcan supports over 199 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) languages. With an Internet connection to Google Translate, drag the scanned words or paragraph into the dialogue box where it is then translated into a different language instantly.
  • Evernote – Zcan helps to track things like notes, letters or any important notices and store them in Evernote with just one click.
  • Photos – Zcan allows users to share any scans with family or friends instantly through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or email.
  • Specifications – Sensor: Optical sensor 1000cpi / Buttons: 3 + Dedicated Scan / Resolution: Up to 400dpi / Scan size: Up to A3 (Upon memory configuration) / USB Port: 2.0 / Wireless Scanning: IEEE802.11n, g / Wireless Mouse: 2.4GHz Digital Channel.

Designer: Design To Innovation – DTOI [ Buy it Here ]