Where I Might Stash a Cat

So you’re a cat person, but you don’t want to appear to be a “Crazy Cat Lady” (or man!) But your kitty cat, she just needs a nice place to sleep! What do you do? You probably go about buying something big, maybe a color you didn’t quite like, and hard to manage blending in with the rest of your decor. Well that’s just silly! You don’t go to the pet store to buy a pet bed, you go to the design store!

You know that if you’re a design-conscious sort of person (and if you’ve reading this post, you are,) that your cat is one too! You’re cat isn’t a person (as far as I know,) but there’s certain things your cat will work with as well as things it simply wont.

I’ve got a cat in my apartment. She belongs to my fiance, but she is her own kitty. This cat only really interacts with things that she loves. She likes cat toys, but she LOVES human things. She likes things that are bolted down, things that are a part of the apartment: the windows, the rugs (we’ve got hardwood floors,) the couch. She’s never enjoyed the “pet beds” that she’s been gifted. She loves things that belong to us. The humans.

The Curve Pet Bed by fresh designer Akemi Tanaka IS that. It’s lookin so nice, and installs so seamlessly, heck, this kitty would sit on it all day long. Right up there on her pretty pretty perch.

BONUS: Curve is also intent on holding small doggies too!

Designer: Akemi Tanaka [ Buy It Here – Available for $200 at the YD Store ]

The Curve Pet Bed by Akemi Tanaka


Curve Pet Bed – Cute! Available for $200 at the YD Store