Neat Pair of Headphones

Headphones these days are either over packed with features or over packed with design. Finding a pair that balances the two is quite difficult. When Grain Audio announced their Over Ear Headphones (OEHP.01), we at Yanko Design got quite excited, because here was a pair that offered impeccable acoustics, superb design and a complete Sonic Experience. The equation balances just beautifully!

Harmonizing sound and design with its new Over Ear Headphones (OEHP.01), Grain Audio distinguishes itself from its contemporaries on both the fronts. Going by the details, the Headphones deliver authentic music without artificial boosting of high-, mid-, or low-range frequencies.

Design-wise the natural sound curve of the Headphones ensures that the music is delivered in the authentic way it is supposed to be heard. The substantial wooden ear cups equate to better audio quality, however for us it also means great designing techniques.

We asked the Grain Audio team (four friends with backgrounds in acoustics, design, architecture and marketing), what is it that they like most about their current innovation, and this is what they said – “The Grain Audio OEHP are sure to be the headphones of choice from sidewalks to subways the world over.”

Super! Get yours here!

Specs for the Headphones include:

  • 2x40mm proprietary loudspeakers featuring Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil
  • TPE jacketed cable
  • 3.5mm jack and 1/4” adapter
  • In-line mic and
  • 1 pair Grain Audio OEHP
  • 1 1/4” phono adapter
  • 1 soft travel case
  • 1 Grain Audio brand book

Grain Audio employs eco-friendly practices and materials (including FSC-certified wood) that minimize the company’s carbon footprint and give back to the community via social and environmental initiatives.

Designer: Grain Audio [ Buy it Here ]