Customized Band Aid

With kids at home you do have to keep an assortment of shapes and sizes of band aid at home. More often than not, I use it for the placebo effect; a strip plaster round the superficial cut on the finger works better than any medicine, cuddling or kisses. The Long and Short Plaster does away with the need of stocking up assorted sizes and works like a tape dispenser. Cut out the right size and use it.

Designers: Miyeon Kim & Hoyoung Lee

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Long And Short Plaster by Miyeon Kim & Hoyoung Lee





  • venati says:

    how germ-free can it be?
    good idea thou..

  • Isaura says:

    Great idea

  • cyc says:

    pretty much brilliant, especially if there were two of them in a pack, one narrow and one wide, so you can take care of narrow gashes, and road burns. also, how expensive would the refill kits be? could it be made on equal footing with current bandages? because i would definitely use this, if i could afford it.

  • ling chu says:

    so was it developed?

  • Kevin Singleton says:

    I agree with all above
    1. Maintain product germ free while in use
    2. 2 widths – narrow and wider
    3. Refill pricing
    4. Refills readily available on-line and through retail outlets e.g. Boots etc.

    I never have the right size. And my box is always full of sizes I never seems to need. And I am sure other people have the same problem but just with different sizes.

    If these conditions can be fulfilled, I would buy right away. When can they be in the stores? Has anyone taken up the idea?

  • Jo says:

    Does anyone have contact information for the designers or know how to get in touch with them? Thanks!

  • Cassandra says:

    Yo, that’s what’s up ttrufhluly.

  • Kathy rizzo says:

    Just so you know, I sent this same design to Johnson & Johnson in 2005 and also to the patent office, so I will be watching this….

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