Tetris & Pong Forever

Relive the gaming glory of your youth by immersing yourself in quick games of Tetris and Pong Forever. Sure today’s video games are a bit tricky for the rusty out dated gamer but at least with the Nixon watch, you’ll always feel right at home. My only question is who do I play Pong against? My left and right hands aren’t exactly evenly matched so it wouldn’t be a fair game.

Designer: Lysandre Follet


  • jin woo han says:

    I used to play tetris by watch at early age. It was about $3 in my memory while it was bad design having cartoon charecter such as pooh or mickey.It remind me my younger age.
    Why isn’t mobilephone containing a tetris-game? They only provide poor games,especially Samsung ..

    • Brian says:

      You can find Tetris on mobilephones, just need to see if your phone can handle it and if your provider sports it. EA is the developer for Tetris on mobile phones.

      Best regards,

  • Lucky Pictures says:

    The Tetris would be playable, but I can’t imagine the Pong working well with such a small screen.

  • Strider_MT2K says:

    I usually hate watches in general but there is something about these…

  • Blogerko says:

    Woow, good

  • francis says:


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  • fraster says:

    Click here to get your own Microsmotion

    i wish i could just grab it out of the picture!

  • mel j says:

    hey, how much is this?? it looks absolutely awesome

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