Going On A Carbon Diet

Eco2 Widget is a mobile and desktop app to get your carbon eating habits under control. Sure you don’t gain weight from carbon but you do harm the Earth and we all agree – the Earth is in dire need of a carbon diet. Like all diets, it requires a lifestyle change. The Eco2 widget not only monitors carbon affluents between all your devices but also educations and recommends little things you could do to help Earth get slimmer cleaner. There’s even a reward system built-in for digital money and to plant trees.

Designers: Jinok Kim & Sanghee Ryu

Eco2 Widget by Jinok Kim & Sanghee Ryu






  • jake says:

    i fail to see how this has anything to do with ‘saving the planet.’
    If the end result is to plant trees, why dont you skip the bull and go plant some instead of clicking buttons all day, its almost as bad as world of warcraft

  • Sven says:

    You know what? Say what you want. I like it. And you know why?
    We needed plans to get things done ever since. People keep saying something needs to change, talking about co2 emmissons but barely anything changed. Maybe we do need to look at a plan every day.
    Yeah sure you could just skip everything and move on to the tree planting part but if you keep living a life style that’s not helping at all that tree sure won’t change anything either.

  • moburkhardt says:

    so where is the donwload link?

  • moburkhardt says:

    also have you gotten this approved in the appstore yet? How are you planning to finance the trees? Advertising? What do you mean by” If you save the water bills then last month(…)”?
    Are you planning on supporting world wide barcodes or only korean?
    How would Navigation data play into this?

  • moburkhardt says:

    i agree it is tricky to understand from just the pictures but I would not go as far and call it an mmorpg since you don’t role play anything

    • maikl says:

      This project will force people to save water, energy, and sort the garbage. And also buy products that are not transported across the world.

      The money is needed only for the development of the project, but not for earnings on it.

      • moburkhardt says:

        So you plan to have the trees buy and water themselves? the land for the trees comes from where? oh and the server infrastructure to host all this is free why? Sorry if I am seeming negative, but I really want this product. I would like it to actually reach the hands of consumers so I am asking the questions that are necessary.

  • blackchip says:

    I like the general idea. It’s a good starting point.
    Nowadays it is just too complex to realize how of our actions and everyday small decisions impact the environment. This kind of apps can help one with that.
    What is the Eco2 widget now? Design idea? Technology idea? Existing app?

  • firmiano says:

    How cam i have more information about this
    project /ideia?

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