The Nimble Gimbal


The thing with today’s cameras is they’re too sensitive, and too light-weight. That makes them capture the tiniest of jitters and shakes. Something that’s bound to happen to the best cameramen too. No matter how advanced today’s cameras get (take the GoPro), their stabilizing capabilities can only go so far. That’s where the AEON Gimbal steps in to save the day.

Unlike any other Gimbal you’ve seen, the AEON comes in a size that’s borderline-futuristic. The first of its kind to feature a flush LED screen, you can actually boast of having a nifty viewfinder while you record. The gimbal also comes with a joystick that gives you full control on what you want to point your camera at. The bottom of the gimbal handle contains an accessory mount that you can use with all our other Go-Pro addons. The gimbal is obviously a 3 axis motorized stabilizer. Designed to pinpoint precision, it eliminates all jitters and shakes while you film (ideal for sports filming). The handy battery indicator around the joystick keeps you in the look with how much juice the AEON still has, so you can go on filming without any worries!

The amazing thing about the AEON is not just its size, but also its design. Ensconced in beautiful black, the gimbal is sleek, and does a great job of covering up those ugly motors. The circular screen gives it that bit of flair that sets the AEON apart. I’m impressed! (And so is this chicken who wants to be a gimbal)

Designer: Aetho