Sittin Around on Shrooms!

Yes, the “Mustool,” exactly the seat you need to build your Streets of Amsterdam themed bar and grill around. Or perhaps the psychedelic masterpiece Heavy Metal is more your mushroomy pleasure? Or perhaps you’re in the mood for Alice in Wonderland? That’s what designer Gray Goh Szjin had in mind when these fungus among-us type chairs came drifting between the ears.

Pure Wonderland, that’s where these come from, you betcha. Gray Goh Szjin describes the cuteness of Alice once she’s small enough to sit upon items she’d have crushed in her huge days. Cuteness for all! Fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus and very nice-on-the-bottom seat!

Designer: Gray Goh Szjin




Mustool mushroom shaped stool by Gray Goh Szjin