Chemistry Lab Equipments On The Table

A look at these bottles and you go…OMG am I in the chemistry lab again? No you’re not, but you may as well re-visit the Pipette Bottles and enjoy them. Only this time you store your oil & vinegar in it and proudly display them on your kitchen counter or dining table. Actually go ahead and store any kinda drippy sauce in them, and use the pipette to measure out the exact quantity of the condiment you want. Not a drop more nor a drop less!

Designer: Camilla Kropp [ Buy It Here ]

Pipette Bottles Vinegar And Oil Table Set by Camilla Kropp




  • Confucius says:

    Nice work!

  • Wouter De Ryck says:

    My brother has these things at home. Well, not the exact one, but oil and vinegar bottles with pipettes…

  • Eva Budinska says:

    Very nice idea, just one comment.
    If the pipette was longer, almost touching the bottom, it could be easily used also to extract “the last drop” from the bottle. I hate when the oil is almost, but not completely finished and I have to verse the bottle and wait in order to extract it all.

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