This minimal wooden step stool is designed to double up as a side table and plant stand

I’m at a point in my life where I’m team stools over chairs, and I truly believe stools deserve to be given way more credit than they get. Stools are often overlooked, maybe because they occupy minimum space, and aren’t really overbearing. But these traits are what make stools so great in my opinion! I mean, they’re compact, and a great space-saving furniture option for our modern homes. They are also super portable. And, a great stool design that I recently came across is the Altura step stool by Patricia Perez.

Designer: Patricia Perez for Case Furniture

Patricia Perez designed the Altura, a minimal and sturdy step stool, for Case Furniture. An interesting fact about the stool is that it doubles as up as a side table and a plant stand. Described as a “sleek yet sturdy design”, the stool has been equipped with two stepped tiers that serve extremely handy in holding and storing all kinds of items – from lamps, and books, to an entire person! It enables users to reach those high-up places in their homes that they usually aren’t able to reach.

“A lot of step stools have a similar look as their function often dictates their shape, which can constrict the design. I wanted to make a step stool that was different from that. I enjoy finding products on the market that are not fully developed because it gives me the opportunity to design something different from what already exists,” said Perez. The minimal stool has been clad in oak veneer, and comes in a natural and black-stained finish, depending upon your personal choice and preference. However, both versions feature a clear polyethylene lacquer that helps to protect and save the wood from external damage.

For people who are slowly swaying towards team stool, and see the perks of using stools in their homes the Altura step stool is a great alternative. Besides being a super handy tool to reach far-off items, and store your favorite souvenirs, Altura’s minimal and neutral aesthetics make it a great addition to any modern living space. It perfectly merges with the interiors of any home!