2 O2s and I Breath Right

So you’ve got the sort of condition where you need oxygen. I mean more oxygen than normal. I mean oxygen in a way that you’ve got to get it in the tube through your nose basically constantly. What do you do? You rely on out-dated “just fix it” type solutions that have little regard for the limits they create that you shouldn’t have to face. What do you do? You holster up a couple packs of O2 and be right on your way with this fabulous device right here: “Plus O2!”

What designer Shelly Rubenstein has done here is to create a new solution for everyday living for people who require medical oxygen. It’s made of three parts: the holster, the tanks, and the cannula (little tube you feed in through the nose.)

Everything is fully adjustable. Size of tank, rate of oxygen use (LPM,) ability to switch from liquid oxygen to solid oxygen when it becomes more widely available.*

*Real deal!

Liquid oxygen is already used as an oxidant in rockets, and it has been speculated that red oxygen could make an even better oxidant, because of its higher energy density. — Wiki siting naturenews

Designer: Shelly Rubenstein

Plus O2 portable oxygen system by Shelly Rubenstein