Outta Space Landing

An artistic way to get across to the Chabot Museum in Rotterdam is through this unique installation bridge called Bruggenhoofd Chabot. Brainchild of Snodevormgevers and Paul Segers, this “Landing Craft” allows you to cross over the hedge from the street, and straight into the museum. Just in case you get claustrophobic in the wooden passage way, take the staircase to the upper deck for a breather. The special effects to the deck are enhanced with a bevy of cables running from the balcony to the museum.

The installation will be up at on display in Rotterdam until September 27, 2009 (opposite the Boymans museum). So do check it out! And in case you need to hire it for some time, do give the boys a shout out, I’m sure they will be happy to oblige.

Designers: Snodevormgevers with Paul Segers

Bruggenhoofd Chabot Bridge by Snodevormgevers with Paul Segers