Crowning the White Gallery

More like giving it a halo. This post is straight up about a lovely floating sculpture made of untold amounts of woven glass. This Murano glass sculpture lives above Rome’s first big lifestyle store designed as a contemporary art gallery. You gonna love it! I wish our lifestyle stores were this glorious!

*Untold amounts of glass actually equals 80,000 handmade glass knit elements – 6,000 kg of glass, steel, and technological wonder. The total surface area that this monster covers is 60 m^2. The lighting is provided by 5000 punctiform halogen lamps, which is ironic(?) because the square meters White Gallery contains also comes to a clean-as-a-whistle 5,000.

The term “Fluxus” comes from a latin word meaning “to flow” and is also more popularly known as the title of an international group of artists come together in the 1960’s. Part of their manifesto, most important here I think, is thus: “PROMOTE A REVOLUTIONARY FLOOD AND TIDE IN ART” — just what White Gallery seems to be trying especially fancifully hard to do!

The structure is made of mirrored laser cut metal tracks, running along these, fine cross-beams to which the knit elements are anchored. Anchored one-by-one by means of “a technical device created to an original Andromeda design.

This project is made possible by the combined efforts of designer Karim Rashid, artist Michela Vianello, Andromeda Murano, and White Gallery.

Designer: Michela Vianello and Karim Rashid


Fluxus by Michela Vianello and Karim Rashid