Like A Sort of Vine Lamp

This right here is the Climbing Lamp. It is not alive, contrary to the title. It does appear to be climbing, however, just like a good vine plant wood. The Climbing Lamp is also a kit, the kind of kit that allows you to make your own combinations of angles, attachments, and directions. 8 pieces and a plethora of possibility!

Project : kit lamp
Type : Appel à projet VIA 2009
Location : Paris
Size : 4x3x18cm(base connexion) 4x3x25cm(articulations) 4x3x60cm and 4x3x90cm (fluo strips)
Materials : anodized aluminium, frosted polycarbonate and silicone
Client : in search for editor
Project team : Joran Briand
Collaborators : Cockpit prototype
Status : prototype
Reference : Ivy structure

Nice of those people at Trust In Design to provide a list of statistics, wasn’t it? That’s so convenient!

This set runs on florescent fluo tubes contained in strips assembled by you, the user. Simple fixation points allow you to connect the 8 pieces in the set together in a wide range of ways. Fixation points can be connected to basically any surface that will hold the small amount of weight, and each strip can be adjusted to point the light in your optimal direction.

What’s your optimal direction?

Designer: Trust In Design

Climbing Lamp by Trust In Design