My Only Dreem! To be Sponsored by a Label!

Hello Extreme Sportsmen-and-women. You know as well as I do that the way to go pro, the way to keep your brain on the slopes, the coping, and the air, is to get sponsored be an awesome label that will pay your way. To get seen by these labels, one of the ways to get seen, that is, is to film and/or photograph yourself being extreme. How to do this? Get the “4P.” It has 2 pieces: the camera and the strap-on band. They work in concert using fast GPS to find and film you in major action.

Flying through the air or grinding the perfect rail. Make sure you’ve got the GPS beacon attached to you, and the camera sitting firmly on it’s lovely little hardcore tripod. The camera will follow you. Follow you doing what you do when you do it.

Though my first thought was “why not just get your friend to film you like everyone else does,” I remembered the times when that just doesn’t pan out. Take for instance the times you’ve got to run over the ramp 8 billion times to get the trick just perfect. Ain’t no friend after the 7 billionth try.

And think of the steady-camness of the situation!

Designer: Patrick Nally