Posture Perfect with the iTilta Superchair

Chair on wheels, wheelchair that is. The iTilta’s designed by Gu JiaWei to further push the wheelchair into the regular lifestyle of those who have to use it. It is the goal, isn’t it, after all, to make these tools (wheelchairs, artificial arms, legs) as much a part of the body as the limbs that are naturally attached? I think so!

Analog to the rescue!

It’s all got to do with the tension. So much tension in your everyday life! Take some of the pressure off with a flexible structure and pressure transmission tappet! That’s what I’m talkin bout. Easy to get in to, easy to get out of, easy to sit up a bit, easy to relax!

This of course is all noting that it’s doing things sort-of possible with a battery-charged power-wheelchair, but without all the energy consumption. How does that sit with you?

ALSO it’s important to note that this was one of the finalists for the 2009 BraunPrize International Design Award. Congratulations JiaWei!

Designer: Gu JiaWei

iTilta Structure Designed Power Wheelchair by Gu JiaWei