Crumpled Rumpled Paper Sofa!

Ok folks are you ready for some DIY class? Today I’m gonna teach you how to upholster a sofa. Oi, Chris Burns keep that darn thread away, and LT you don’t need your sewing machine for this. Takashi, you’ll do fine trust me on this one; just follow my instructions! Ready? Take some paper, crumple it a lot, now take your sticky glue and apply it to the back of the paper. CB…DON’T STICK THE PAPER TO YOUR COMP! Do it like how my star student Tokujin Yoshioka has done, stick the paper one by one on the sofa! Simple!

Update: For the record, the prototype of the sofa is not made from crumpled paper; it’s made from tensioned/shirred paper.

Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso


  • Silenzo says:

    ugly as hell xD

  • M.S.W. says:

    Interesting concept art, as for actual real world use it would be an disturbing sight after only a few uses having it absorb dirt/sweat…

  • VIcky says:

    Doesn’t look very comfortable ..

  • Barton says:

    doesnt look very comfortable?? it looks like heaven.

  • MadCow says:

    is just me or does this look like a huge maxi-pad

  • Joan Flavell says:

    I love the texture. The chair is what interests me. To me it would be one addition but not the whole — as a piece of art — conversation piece.

    What happens when you sit on it does it need high maintenance — do you have to keep fluffing it’s shape?

  • Mook Lee says:

    I like this idea. I like it when he shows his thinking steps. cloud–>magic pen–>paper–> ruffle Sofa ! yea, it doesn’t seem soft and need a high maintenance..but it would be great for showing!

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