Thirsty Plants Demand Attention

What would you do if I sang out of tune? Nothing!
What would you do if I talked to you? Grow Well!
What would you do if I didn’t water you? Remind Me!
How? Coz you are a plant, and we don’t live in futuristic times where plants can talk…HOW? Ah…now I get it, you’re housed in that MonPot thingie that has a reminder of sorts. How forgetful of me!

The thing with MonPot is that it’s a potholder with an inbuilt rotating timer and is inspired by the sorts you see on an oven. There are plants like cactus, buddleia, California poppy, red-hot poker and many herbs that don’t need watering every single day. So if you are the forgetful sorts use this alarm and do the job timely. Just rotate the base to a setting of your choice, like a day or a week and a reminder light will go off at the end of the duration.

Those looking for tech-details, there is Bioplastics, solar cells, rotating base and LED involved here.

Designer: Julien Bergignat


  • Keith says:

    The frequency that you water a plant varies depending on the weather. It is hard to set a timer to tell you when to do this, as you would have to predict how the weather will affect the plant.

  • I not sure it is right, and most of the time you have a kind of notice explaining the frequency. The timer give a notion, an indicator. For the same plant for example in summer you can put it on “1day”, and in winter on “1week”…
    This is a support!

  • ▃▃§ says:

    I think it's good to have a slow spin base for plants next to windows, can let the plant have sunlight 360 degree.

  • ▃▃§ says:

    I think it’s good to have a slow spin base for plants next to windows, can let the plant have sunlight 360 degree.

  • Johnny CHEN says:

    c’est tres tres tres bien !

  • cecilia says:

    man can not do such a little thing only depend on machine

  • Carl says:

    is watering a plant an exact science that can be fed into an equation resulting in a singular time by which the plant will require watering?

    There are so many independent variables like a hot day, like dry conditions, or wet atmospherics time of year.

    Any amateur botanist will know when to feed the plant by reading the signs on the plant rather than an object like this that could in fact lead you to water it when it does not need it thus killing the plant.

    If the technology is like a kitchen timer, i.e. wind up it is not as bad as having to plug this in.

    • KwangErn says:

      Not to forget the lost of human touch to a living thing…

      Seems like we’re cheating nature…in an intelligent way.

  • Thank you guys!!!!
    NIG UP TO master cece and johnny

  • frank says:


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