Taking your Tesla camping? This outdoor tent was designed to integrate right into your EV’s boot

Meet Tentsla – it’s more than just a pun, it’s a tent that fits in your Tesla’s boot, and opens up into a full-fledged tent that can be used alongside the Tesla’s Camp Mode. Designed to turn your EV into the ultimate camping experience, the Tentsla comes with all the bells and whistles, including a multi-use weather-resistant canopy, mosquito netting, and a pump to help you set up your Tentsla in minutes. Once you’re ready to make your way home, the Tentsla folds right up into a bundle small enough to fit in your EV’s frunk or boot, keeping you ever-ready for any impromptu tailgating session!

Designer: Rungen Hwang

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The Tentsla comes with a design that’s tailor-made to fit right around the Model Y’s rear (although the Tentsla team is expanding the design to fit other popular vehicles too). Pop open the rear hood and the Tentsla assembles around it, integrating the car’s interiors with the tent to create a spacious environment that benefits wonderfully from the Model Y’s Camp Mode. Setting up the Tentsla is a pretty easy ordeal, given that it comes with a pump that helps you inflate the tent’s structure in mere minutes. Once inflated, it velcro-straps to the lining of your car’s rear, creating a perfect air-tight seal that prevents rain from getting in, and cool air within the tent from leaking out.

Easy Installation – Quick and easy 5-minute setup with their pump.

Tesla Compatibility – Expertly designed and tested, their tent is molded to the newly released ‘CAMP MODE’ in a Tesla. A Triple layered trunk connection helps maintain circulation, retaining air flow and temperature.

The Tentsla benefits directly from the Model Y’s newly unveiled Camp Mode. Designed so you could effectively camp in your car, the Camp Mode keeps air circulating so that the interiors don’t get stuffy, while also letting you access the infotainment system and the USB ports for charging your gadgets. Introduce the Tentsla to the mix and you’ve now got yourself a spacious tent big enough for 4 people to comfortably live in, while the Camp Mode keeps the insides of the tent cool and breezy.

Once set up, the Tentsla boasts of a multi-canopy design that lets you block out the sun from pretty much any angle to keep your tent cool during the day. The canopies also let you mount soft solar panels on them to charge a power station, while the front and side walls of the tent come with mosquito linings that keep the critters out. The tent’s body comes made from 210D Oxford, a lightweight, flexible, yet strong nylon fabric, with an inner silver coating that helps retain heat in the cooler months. The floor, on the other hand, uses 410D anti-slip fabric, and the entire Tentsla is designed to withstand up to 6000mm of water pressure, keeping the tent’s interiors waterproof even in inclement weather.

The Tentsla was founded by a team of four EV nerds, Environmentalists, and Enthusiastic Outdoor Campers. When Tesla announced the Camp Mode for the Model Y, it seemed only natural to build an outdoor tent that utilized this feature, giving you the best of both worlds. Although designed for the Model Y, the Tentsla team is expanding their connector designs to work with the Model X and other SUVs as well as smaller cars like the Honda Civic Hatchback. The Tentsla comes as a $599 kit which also includes a manual pump, two Tentsla tees, a pair of Tentsla work gloves, and a keychain for super early bird backers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $649 $1299 (50% off). Hurry, only 4/15 left!