An Unhealthy Bond With An Xbox (future!)

Once upon a time the complete technological infancy of our game consoles made starting, playing and maintaining a video game a ritualistic feat. Who doesn’t remember inserting, reinserting and if that don’t work, blowing the cartridge before inserting a game? Yes I’m spoiled cuz all I have to do is press the start button on my wireless controller but the Xbox Portal eschews all that in the name on “bonding.” Sounds dirty don’t it?

To insatiate the younglings used to touch interfaces and wireless controls – the entire orb is touch sensitive. Nevermind the gratuitous logo because it’s functional; it glows (natch!). There’s still an optical disk tray for nostalgic purposes and you may even have to blow into it to get things started. How vintage! Each gamer has his/her own way of jostling a console to work. Some get rough with it, some talk to it in a baby voice, and some get outright violent thereby forging a bond with your Xbox Portal. Can we say red rings for days?

Designer: Taylor Phillips-Hungerford