Pixels of the past, in a display for the future!

With its feet on the ground but eyes affixed upward, the Vestaboard is a beautiful combination of past and future. If you’re the kind of person who’s tired of seeing pixels and displays everywhere you go, Vestaboard is honestly the best-aboard (I couldn’t resist). Literally a massive flip-board display, the Vestaboard has 161 individual flipping modules that can iterate text and even color.

Connecting to your smartphone, the Vestaboard becomes the enchantingly dynamic display that shows you everything from tweets to texts, to the weather forecast, to even your scheduled appointments. It can even allow you to set your own messages, giving your guests something to talk about. What’s beautiful about the Vestaboard is its interactive, mechanical movement as well as the nostalgia that it brings out from within us. There’s something incredibly timeless about technologies from the past, for instance, flipboard displays and nixie tubes, and no matter how small pixels become and how incredible screen resolutions get, there’s nothing that engages curiosity and delights more than things of the past!

Designer: Bould Design for Vestaboard