Recycle Kitchen Waste For The Sake Of Your Plants

It took me my son’s science project on recycling to realize that we can really do something constructive out of the waste we generate from our kitchen. Before you turn up your noses and crank about the “Rotting Veggie Odors + Recycling”, let me explain the pros of the Terraviva Domestic Composter. This is a device that sits neatly on your counter top, as stylish as any other appliance that you own. It simply makes a mish-mash of all the veggie waste into something palatable for the plants.

Organic stuff like your peels and leftovers added to the composter decomposes with the help of aerobic microorganisms. These organisms just speed up the degradation process via electromechanical processes and make sure there is no stink. You will need to hook it up to a power source for around 20 minutes a day, and once its tanked up, it just keeps doing its thing. It has the capacity to process 12 liters or 7 kgs of waste at a time.
Those with kitchen gardens are really going to like this thing.

Designer: Ravel Casela


  • Carl says:

    yes great let use electricity to assist us with something that happens for free outdoors.. please done sell me that hype about electromechanical processes that remove stink without testing out this process. pop round mine i have an old pc case that looks just the same as this concept, fill it full of food scraps and tell me after two months if it smells or not..? rubbish in the inside as well as the outside..!

    • Ravel says:

      Not all people have in their home garden to compost externally. Because large urban areas are dominated pro buildings. Not exudes any unpleasant odor, I studied the types of biological processes that occur in environments as I also graduated in Animal Science and Industrial Design.

  • Chris Corsini says:

    I do agree that it is/will be a power eater. The sun can supply us with what we require and there is no need to burden the overwhelmed electrical grid these days. But what about the people that live in a condo/apt that have a few plants around their place. Some of the older units still do not compost and there is a central garbage for everything. I think that there is a market for a product like this. Nice one.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Target Market:
    1. Condo/Apartment
    2. Low volume one to two person user.
    3. Power grid user.
    4. Enviromentaly conscious new comer.

    This design meets those criteria.

    Product Design:
    1. Very PC looking in form factor.
    2. Slight personalization/enviroment adapting via few color choice schemes.

    This design meets those criteria.

    1. Consider this as inital design prototype.
    2. Use the market input as a guide on how to create more well accepted production model.
    a> Research the possibility of using a microsolar panel/microhydroturbine harvesting to supply the power needed to run the churning section of the composter.
    b> Consider a form factor that does not closely resemble a standard computer/PC tower case.
    Perhaps one that goes Under the counter, like say under the sink doors area. Since that area is normally not most effectively used for anything but cleaning chemical storage. It is also close to where on average most people would use for cleaning the veggies/rising out tea balls etc.
    Not to mention counter space in most apartments are at a premium and needed for food prep.
    c> If color choices are still of interest I would recommend using inserts or labels to achieve the effect. That way you would only need to tool up for one type of unit and inserts can either be provided with the unit or sold seperately or user created.

  • adrian says:

    I really like this concept. About 8 years ago I had sketched a version of this idea that uses a handle that spins two sets of blades in opposite directions (I stole the idea from a manual ice grinder). A carbon filter should eliminate odors.

    Contact me if you want to discuss- I ma happy to share how it would work- and i don’t want anything in return.

    The product looks great and I feel that is would sell very well especially if the price point falls under $100 USD.

    Also- as beautiful as it looks – limited counter space would almost force the design to be under the sink compatible in order to work for most condos and smaller households.

    • Ravel says:

      Hello Adrian, thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the Terraviva composter . We could exchange some ideas so if possible, how would you get in touch with you? Do you use messenger?
      best regards

      • Candy says:

        Hello Ravel, it is a brilliant idea to turn the leftover into nutrient for the plant. and i like the design very much. I would like to know where and how can I buy that product for my new house. How much is it? Do I need to buy the arobic microorganisms for speeding up the treatment process.

        • Ravel says:

          Hello Candy, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately the product is not for sale on a large scale as yet, because lack of corporate investment. But its cost is very accessible as a common home appliances.

  • brack says:

    If you live in the country, this product wouldn’t have much merit. But if you live in the city and have those little loft gardens or rooftop gardens, I can see some practical uses. I’m not convinced though, that there won’t be a smell.

    • Ravel says:

      The type of organic material that produces bad smell are of animal origin. This product only accepts organic material of plant origin, the decomposition of this material does not produce bad smell.

  • nizam says:

    If it works as described in this site, it will be a great useful solution to consumers, reduce the work load of local authorities who act as clearing agencies, enhance the production without buying fertilizer, above all keep the cooking area clean and tidy and contribute to some extend in the economy of the country.

  • Carl says:

    Ok best case scenario, you get this to work and work well without producing any smells, using energy from a sustainable source ask yourself how much bio waste does a 2 person apartment produce on a monthly basis? Ans loads. if it is able to convert it do compost for your plant pots you will soon have far too much for your needs. And is this really a green product when you offset it against the plastics involved in its construction? In theory its good, but that’s all it is. in cold reality its completely flawed. that is why this concept and the many others like it will not go anywhere.

  • KwangErn says:

    Really nice concept! It’d definitely sell if this works as it says!

  • Christopher says:

    I want one. When/where can I buy it.

    • Chan says:

      I want one too, Where to buy and what is the price ?

    • Ravel says:

      Unfortunately the product is not for sale on a large scale as yet, because lack of corporate investment. But its cost is very accessible as a common home appliances.

  • Steve says:

    I am actually working on a design of a composter and hope to learn more from you. Do you have any email?

  • linda says:

    I have seen a “natural” version of this type that uses a simple plastic tub with a lid with holes poked in it. Just dig up some earth worms, add to some shredded paper (preferably without ink) toss in your vegetable scraps and voila! Nature takes its course. You can actually keep this under your sink.
    No need for a garbage disposal. Just remember to add moisture from time to time to keep the worms happy.

  • richard says:

    like a host….

  • Khor says:

    Is the Terraviva Composter commercially launch in the market now ? what will be the cost ?

  • Khor says:

    Hi Steven, do you have the similar product same as the Terraviva Composter ? is already commercially launch in the market now ? what will be the cost ?

  • Mallesh says:


    Any further progress on this??? Interested to understand if this has gone for Production?


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