Track Your Swim

My Pace Goggle is a pair of swimming goggles integrated with an LCD panel. The panel comprises of an electronic watch and track recorder, which beam timings and certain stats in the peripheral view of the swimmer, while he is swimming. Typically the coach keeps the time for the swimmer, and only after the laps are done, are the results known. With this innovative goggles, a swimmer can know his time, as he swims and adjust his speed accordingly.

Apparently the placement of the timers is such that it doesn’t hinder with the swimmers view. And the good news is that a solar sensor helps recharge the battery of the watch, so sun-dried goggles is the way to go!

My Pace Goggles is a 2011 Sparks Award entry.

Designer: Joh Minhoo


  • Melker says:

    Maybe i missed something, but how dose the swimmer start and stop the watch?

  • Theo says:

    By pressing a button on the side, however how does it know when he completes a lap? If he has to press the button every time this will ruin technique and makes his times abysmal. These goggles will be heavy, a replaceable battery would be a better option than integrated timer. Seeing the time will distract more than encourage, something that measures time and allows it to be checked after would be more efficient, this could relay to a simple red/yellow/green light pace indicator that tells him if he is within his preset ideal pace range (i.e. if he is maintaining the desired speed).

  • Melker says:

    But isnt the buttom on the side just for on/off?
    I think its a great idea, i thought about this problem a year ago to, but didnt come up with a really good solution for the start stop funktion…
    I dont think it will be that big problem with the battery, the really good thing with solar pwoer is that you can make it waterproof.

  • rhe says:

    But how would one be able to clearly see what timer shows without additional focus lenses? Just do a test – hold a paper with something written on it around 1-2 cm away from your eye and try to read. With such googles you’d only get really annoying light in your vision.

  • It’s really a cool lense

  • minhoo Joh says:

    i am a origin designer of Track your swim.

    if have a question send it to me. Thank you

    • Nick Cooke says:

      Very cool. Think you don’t need to worry about times. When you turn to swim another lap it has gyros that determine a new length/lap. Same as the finis, speedo and garmin swim watches. I would buy these.

    • Cindy says:

      Mr. Joh
      My fiancé is an open water swimmer… Therefore he isn’t doing laps, would this still be able to track his pace and time?
      And can it be purchased anywhere, or is it just an idea?

  • Judi says:

    Do you have those in jr sizes?

  • Name* says:

    You can push the button and wait about 3 seconds, the you can start swimming.This is very good idea and hereisa solution about the time!

  • jap says:

    i think i can use it also at biking or jogging =)

  • nermin amer says:

    i want to know from where i can buy these goggles and do they fit for a kid of 11 years old?

  • Bo says:

    how can you see something, in focus, that is so close to the eye?

  • rob says:

    how much are they and where can i buy them

  • Phil says:

    same questions how much are they and where can I buy them ?

  • Hunter says:

    There’s an on/off button on the side of the goggles, which you would — and I quote — “just push wit your finger”.

  • Pat says:

    where can I buy these and whats the price?

  • Vince says:

    Where can I buy plz

  • Nermin amer says:

    Can u send me one to Cairo Egypt ? If so pls tell me how to pay or how I can buy one pls

  • Nermin amer says:

    Can u send me one to Cairo Egypt ? If so pls tell me how to pay or how I can buy one pls.

  • Brad says:

    Please tell me someone is actually taking this from concept art to manufacturing!

  • Jun says:

    As someone already said, you can’t see the image just few inch in front of your eyes.

    We are working on this problem and have a very simple solution. You can preorder now!

  • lisa says:

    Are these goggles legal for competition (high school/ college)

  • Allyson says:

    How much do cost and where can I buy them?

  • fred potter says:

    So where can i get these and for how much



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