Pro Skiers Will Really Like This

Of all the winter sports skiing is one that I really like to watch but dread to try out. Call it the fear of falling or making a fool of myself, but I’d hate to be that pile on the snow that everyone is laughing at. Pros on the other hand need everything to make their tryst with the slopes as exhilarating as possible. Charlie Pyott has designed a mean pair of skis that is specifically meant for racers. The Twin Parabolic Ski, as it is called, is exciting enough to warrant production.

Charlie has explained his idea with a lot of passion and flair:

“The ski concept was purpose built for racing. Skis and snowboards share a lot of properties with boat hull design; in that longer and thinner proportions give more speed on hard-pack snow. The number of edges also helps maintain downhill speed in a turn. This can be seen when comparing standard skis vs a snowboard when turning at high speeds. The snowboard only has a single edge to turn on and therefore has fewer grips on the hill in a turn then a skier who can use two edges. This means that a snowboarder will have to check their speed to stay on a racecourse before a skier. The concept ski takes both of these ideas a step further, giving two longer and thinner surfaces under each foot and four turning edges. Offset bearings mean that all ski surfaces stay parallel under each foot.”

Designer: Charles Pyott