You can adjust this lamp’s lighting by simply flipping over its shade!

Born as a result of an Instagram Render Weekly challenge, the Flip lamp from Joe Fentress makes me question why we’re still living in a world with boring lamps that don’t have flipping shades. Check out the GIF below and you’ll see what I mean. The Flip Lamp comes with a truncated conical base and a light-source at the top, but where it introduces a fun bit of interaction is in its lampshade, which can flip over 180° to focus light downwards or upwards. This unique detail allows the Flip to work either as an ambient light, illuminating an interior space, or as a task/desk light, illuminating a table or workspace. The lamp uses an LED light source too, to make sure the shade doesn’t heat up. It’s fun, it’s functional, it’s flippin’ amazing!

Fentress created the lamp as a simple concept for a render challenge, but hopes to take it further by developing on the design.

Designer: Joseph Fentress