Boomerang That’s Got An Identity Crisis

Mid-life crisis, financial crisis, relationship crisis…ah! there are too many crises in this world! Add to this list a Boomerang that thinks it’s a camera: IDENTITY CRISIS!

Don’t mistake Glare for your run-of–the–mill summer time toy, it’s a proper gadget with a functional, eject-able camera. You know the drill of a boomerang don’t ya. Fly it out in the open and let it swish back to you.

Glare too follows this drill but the difference lies in the gadgetry. It’s equipped with a timer that triggers the cam into capture mode while flying mid-air. So essentially you can capture between really awkward shots of your buckteeth to motion blurs at night.

Glutton for punishment? Hook the thing up to your comp via USB (charges the lithium battery this ways) and download all those funny/ embarrassing pics and share it with the world.

Spec-wise, to make the Glare fly higher, you need to bend the wings upwards and to skim it lower, do the opposite. Also, the holes on the edges make it take a wider radius.

If I lay my hands on one, I’ll use it at night when the shimmy LED lights on the wings come on and give it a UFO look.

Designer: Christopher A. Gregory