This pine cone-shaped ergonomic mouse is the perfect gift this Christmas!

Just when I gave up hope on coming across an interesting computer mouse design, this pine cone-shaped peripheral proves me wrong all wrong!

Christmas is just around the corner – the chill in the air with fireplace conversations and the gifting spirit in its full bloom. While we are all setting up our desk setups to match the season, this new gadget is well worth displaying in your den. Perhaps, the TREE-Mouse by Q Seo is the best of them – after all – it is shaped like a pine cone and adapts the signature green hue of the pine cone trees. Other than its nostalgic form that’ll have many sold, the mouse is designed tactically to reduce stress while use.

The accessory has a vertical grip position to reduce the pressure on the carpal tunnel area owing to the neutral wrist position. This in turn leads to a long string of productive work without any stress on the hand. Unlike traditional mouse designs, this one by Q Seo has the touch scroll button on the top section and the left and right-click buttons adjacent to it. So, we are talking about one finger use because anyways we barely use two mouse buttons at oe instance. Thus, going for a more ergonomic shape masks some of the shortcomings of the traditional mouse designs.

The two-finger operation is very difficult here, but anyways it is not something that the users would anyways miss. The On/Off buttons and the AAA battery access points are on the bottom. In fact, the weight of the battery should give the mouse more stability during use. I just hope the designer has sorted out the mouse movement bit, since it should be able to glide on any surface without any friction for a smooth workflow!

Designer: Q Seo