Music In My Soul, In My Kitchen As Well

Taking inspiration from the works of Dieter Rams, designer Anton brings us this unique radio for the kitchen. The design takes into account wet-fingers, food smudges and greasy gloves. Going for a minimalist approach, the DAB Digital Radio features decent enough goodies to entice you. Stuff like rubberized weighted base, splash-resistant design, enclosed speakers and battery operation make it more durable given the environment it is intended for.

Large touch sensitive buttons give you the freedom to turn up the volume using your elbows or even knuckles! It also sports a click back preset adjuster just to give you that authentic radio feel. Specs include a black LCD screen with a vertical scrolling text. To keep the costs down, ABS injection molded exterior was chosen over aluminum.

Over the years a kitchen has transformed from a cooking station to a family activity hub. Homework gets done there, plus you have the TV, high-tech appliances hooked to a comp; so basically this is a dedicated kitchen radio fits into the scheme as well.

Designer: Anton Webb