The Color Of Pain

Paraplegic athletes who are into extreme sports like Sit-Skiing, Wheelchair Basketball and Ice Sledge Hockey and are subject to their risks. These sportspeople are often suffering from reduced or total loss of pain sense and don’t even realize that they are bruised or injured. The Bruise is a smart injury detection suit for Paraplegic Athletes.

Injuries that are left untreated for this segment can develop into a performance-hindering or even life-threatening condition.

How it works:

  • The Bruise uses a recyclable pressure-sensitive film to indicate the severity of injuries.
  • It is made of sweat-wicking stretch fabric for a comfortable supportive fit.
  • Mesh inserts and ergonomic seams offer breathability and freedom for movement.
  • High-risk areas are covered with disposable made-to-fit film inserts.
  • If an area is excessively stressed during an accident, the film will irreversibly change color.
  • After training or competing, injured areas can be easily spotted and dealt with.

Designers: Dan Garrett, Elena Dieckmann, Ming Kong & Lucy Jung

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