Intimate Over A Cup OF Tea

Barely have we come out of appreciating the Enso that we have another innovative way of making and serving a hot beverage. The Mateando is the Spanish way of serving your cuppa in a very stylish ceramic set. The three-layer construction consists of “a yerbera, a sugar bowl and a mate”. Sugar is understood, mate here is the brew cup, but pardon my Spanish I don’t know what yerbera means! Hot ceramic can blister your hand, that’s why a special leather sleeve has been included round the cup.
Someone may as well whisper leather to Starbucks!

Designer: Eliana Vincenzo


  • Humberto Massa says:

    I will try to enlighten you:

    in southern america (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, southern Brazil) yerba-mate is consumed by putting the grounded leaves in a special cup and pouring the hot water beside it. The “yerbera” is where the ground leaves are stored for a longer time span (so you can brew many cups of mate). Take a look at Wikipedia!

    • Radhika Seth says:

      Many Thanks for this.
      It’s always interesting to learn about other people’s food habits and culture.

  • Manuel says:

    Notice that you don’t drink it from the cup, as you’d do with tea -for example-, but you use a straw to drink it.
    Look carefully, you’ll see the straw in the image.

  • Julia says:

    Yerbera is like a teapot for Paraguay tea. And conception is great)

  • Berkana says:

    Gosh, I thought it was a communal bong with a built in stash trap. j/k

    If hot ceramic is going to blister your hand, it would certainly blister your lips and scald your tongue as well. Did the designer not take this into consideration?

    • Eliana Vincenzo says:

      Hi berkana, it wouldn’t blister your lips because the user doesn´t drink from the cup. The Mate is’t a famous infusion in Argentina and Uruguay. The way to drink it it’s by a “bombilla” (that’s a little tube with little holes at the bottom).
      Thanks for the appreciation!!

  • abel chang says:

    again, you dont drink mate as you would drink tea.
    you drink it out of a metal straw.
    i think the design is very nice.
    breaking many traditional barriers though.

    usually, the cup would be made out of horn, or wood.
    i don’t know how they drink it in uruguay and argentina, but in paraguay and brazil we just don’t use sugar.

  • ZoretMan says:

    great design indeed

    greetings from Argentina

  • william says:

    dammn this looks like toile bowl…. =.=”

  • jin_woo_han says:


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