Who Knew Medical 1984 Could be So Fun!

I kid, I kid. But here’s a product that regulates and records the time and amount of your medication intake. It’s a cute little thing, yes? It’s got a capsule with pills (or shall I say Capshell, the name of the concept), that you load into the holder. The holder then dispenses the pills with an easy turn. Simple enough?

I say Medical 1984 because any time I see something like, “The recording device in the product assists the doctor in keeping accurate patient records,” I immediately think of George Orwell. But this device seems to have good intentions. It’s designer, Steven Grech, intends for the device to be able to help doctors understand if their patients condition is due to the fact that the medicine is working, not working, or simply not being taken. It is a perfect world in which science can have a controlled situation in all experiments. The Capshell helps this become a reality.

What’s it made of? You might ask.

Each part aside from the technical package is injection molded using abs. Its light and rigid properties would be a well-suited material to allow the product to be light whilst maintaining enough strength for durability. All dimensions and labeling is accordance with Australian standards.

Hows it work? You might ask.

The device records when medication is taken, and shows the user the correct intervals programmed by the pharmacist. If not activated at the correct time, the device sends an alert to the users phone via text, or “SMS.” Once in the grip of the user, it opens easily by turning round, revealing the opening corresponding with the time of day. This way of opening is helpful to the elderly, as it eliminates hard-to-open caps. Each days replacement tube is labeled clearly with text and with Braille numbering.

Can I get mine in orange? You might ask.

Designer: Steven Grech