Philips Astounds Us With Innovative Stuff

Three more reasons to look at Philips with admiration: The Kitten Scanner, The Temparin DenTek and SBH 7110 Stereo In-ear Bluetooth Headphones.

Innovative products that will help make our lives better and provide us with sense and simplicity.

The Kitten Scanner

If as adults we can get nervous as hell for simple procedures like CAT or CT scan, can you imagine the amount of anxiety a child will go through if he were to undergo one? The Kitten Scanner is an attempt by Philips to reduce this tension that children can undergo during such stressful times. Interactive role-playing and story-telling format incorporated into the machine, teaches them about what to expect during a scan. It helps them to understand the process much better by making them comfortable with the technology and therefore reducing fear.

The Temparin for DenTek

Dentists are the necessary evils of life. I say this not because I despise them, but because I am petrified of their drilling machine. ANYTHING to keep me away from it, for example this Temparin line of tooth repair solutions for DenTek. I am definitely going to turn to them for a temporary relief for lost fillings, inlays or crowns. It’s user-friendly and comes with custom applicators and individual doses.

Stereo Bluetooth In-ear Headphones SBH 7110

A gorgeous looking in-ear piece that features a touch interface! Transition between calls and music is not an issue with it. Simple and efficient, the technology matches its looks.

BTW the three featured have the honor of picking up an IF this year.

Design: Philips