By looking more ‘fashionable’, this insulin injection helps break stereotypes

Spectacles, walking sticks, both are products that started as medical devices but slowly evolved into objects of fashion and style. You see, somewhere down the line people with walking difficulties and weak eyesight felt that their affliction shouldn’t make them look inferior. Thus, the stylish monocle and the fashionable walking cane were born. Youtrust brings that very approach to insulin injections.

Injections are inherently scary looking, and the fact that you’ve got to get approximately 3 of them a day doesn’t help soothe the pain, metaphorically speaking. Youtrust reinvents how they look by overhauling their clinical design for something that’s functional yet also trendy. Its form language is simple and sophisticated, and is upgraded by gradients, vibrant hues, and speckled CMF (although orange speckles on injections may irk some folks).

The Youtrust Insulin Injector comes with a concealed needle (like the ones found in blood sugar monitors). The vial sits inside the device, with a meter letting you know how much insulin is inside. You can calibrate your insulin units using the knob on the top, and a digital display on the side helps you track your daily and monthly doses as well as see step-by-step instructions for administering them (just in case someone else has to help you out). The Youtrust device comes with a pod-shaped flat design with rounded edges, which makes it easy to carry around in a bag or your pocket. Ever so often (a couple of months, maybe), its display and electronics will need charging too, and a nifty wireless charging tray lets you charge your injection by simply placing it on the tray’s surface overnight!

Now if only someone went back 20 years and made braces look cool too…

Designer: Dorian Famin