Heat It Up

Portable beverage heaters aren’t anything new but the “Hottie” attempts to 1-up the competition by using silver as the conductive metal, with 3 modular containers to hold instant coffee, creme, and sugar. All this in one neat little package.

When not in use, the drinking cup hides the 3 containers on a heating base with retractable cord. When you’re ready for that morning joe, remove the containers, invert the cup and set it on the base. Mix your drink and plug it in. Within 2 minutes you’ve got your hot drink.

Designer: Arpan Maiti


  • arpan is rocking!

  • Ekove says:

    Wow, good stuff, I’d like one. But I’m not sure if the container contains enough premix? unless I’m supposed to use all of the 3 (or 4?) containers for one cup, which would be very redundant.

  • prodmod says:

    quick note for the designer, I dont think your cable diameter is big enough for connecting to mains. You might have issue getting is CE and UL certified. You’ll need a thicker cable which means more room for the coiled wire, or less wire length.

    Looks cool though

    • arpan maiti says:

      agreed!!!.. the lower base height could be increased slightly to accomodate a longer wire of thicker dia ! ………thanks!

  • zippyflounder says:

    nice little piece, however given that you have a highly conductive cup you might consider a couple of insulated areas, one for your fingers and the rim for you lips.

    • arpan maiti says:

      true!! if u notice ..the black gripping portion of the cup and even the lower base is insulated plastic[heat resistant] rim to prevent finger n lip burns.Only the heating base and cup lower is conductive 🙂

      • zippyflounder says:

        ok kid, good enough, now if you want a pass from my “class” tell me what you think it would cost to mfg and what it should retail for..

        • Arpan Maiti says:

          Well… i really can’t say but i’m pretty sure it’ll be worth the investment:) and yea… it should retail for nothing below my expectations 😉 …. I’m onna hunt for manufacturers temme if u find some .. some lifestyle brand would probably be interested…

          • Eric says:

            Wow I wish it were that easy…. “Go go gadget-money maker!” 😉

          • zippyflounder says:

            sorry you fail, not even close to a answer and I could tell you but then you would have learned nothing. I will tell you this, if you do get a life style brand interested and you don’t know cost, margins, etc your going to just get a token pat on the head.

            In any event, good luck and remember its COSTS MONEY to sell, even a idea and that direct cost has to come out of any income the item makes. If the item don’t make any money well then it has cost YOU money. The better prepared you are, the lower the cost of sale and higher potential return.

  • heh zippy n eric … i knw hw crucial it is to knw abt costing and margins while u approach a manufacturer and deal with steps ahead… its just that i haven’t yet engaged myself into all that !!……. thanks for awakening me … 🙂

    • Eric says:

      No problem. Feel fortunate as well to get it from someone like zippy. He’s very open about trials and tribulations in the “biz.” I’m a new comer, but I know you learn something new each time/product, and that will never stop. So milk it while you can!
      Walter Hunt never patented his sewing machine because he thought it would put seamstresses out of business. He then sold his patent for the safety pin for $400 (like $10,000 today) and sat back to watched it make millions for that company.
      Lesson: Learn business before conducting it. 😉

    • zippyflounder says:

      no problem, maybe a weekly Q and A column with me might interest the general readership. Send editor long your thoughts on that matter. Arpan, its pretty well documented it takes 10,000 hours of practice and study to get good at something, and with product design you need to know a little about a lot. Its a long but wonderful road.

  • Zippy the great….go elsewhere…don’t bully the new kid on the block.

    Imagination is more important than knowledge…do u know said who? hahahahahahahaha

    • zippyflounder says:

      Not bullying, but many designers need to move from fantasy to making reality or their ideas just get produced by others who can make that jump. I happy to help them make that move, but if they wish to stay in the land of just generating ideas rather than products, that’s their call.

  • arpan maiti says:

    Well…It was never a fantasy[if i were to take it literally]for me …i created it with the intention of producing and hopefully seeing it sell well……i do agree with u the path to making it real and morover claiming it your brainchild to the world is not easy….i’ll see how i do it……… thanks all !! 🙂

    • zippyflounder says:

      glad to hear, and selling a design either as a licence or self marketing is a daunting task but YOU CAN DO IT. The more you know about the thinking process and concerns of the licensee the better off you are. The idea is to have the answers in hand for the questions they are likely to ask you, and that is often cost, markets. Good luck.

  • Joshua says:

    all talk and no action. complete garbage if it’s not for sale.

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