Reclaimed Wood For A Better Watch

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” I love this tagline and the simple truth behind it. Essentially this is a direct lift from WeWOOD Watches and they are compelling me to think about what I can do for my planet, even if it’s through Product Design. Sure, haute horology is something everyone craves, but how many can truly say that what they are wearing is something that reminds us of a tree’s powerful way of life; rooted, yet reaching.

WeWOOD Watches follow the mantra of “You Buy a Watch, We Plant a Tree”. Crafted from 100% natural wood, which is not treated with chemicals; the makers use recycled and reclaimed woods so that no trees are hurt in the process. Yes, they plant a tree for every watch sold!

WeWOOD Timepiece is as natural as your wrist. It respects your skin as you respect nature by choosing it. One Watch – One Tree – One Planet.

WeWOOD Watches are available online. [ Buy it Here ]


  • James says:

    Love them! What I love most is the huge effort they’ve made for conservation. I love wood but will never buy any unless I know nothing has been cut down to make it. So reading it’s recycled or reclaimed wood and also planting trees too makes this product even better. Would love to see more designs done.

  • Guoqingbin says:

    Traditional watch is a pure electronic product ,this design use the wood as the material,
    which reminds us of a tree’s powerful way of life.

  • wewood says:

    Really nice watches

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