Greener Shopping, Flip & Tumble Loopt Review

Looking to abandon disposable plastic bags at the grocery store? Have a looksie at the Flip & Tumble Loopt before you decide. Hit the jump to read my lightening review, GO!

What we liked:

  • Super cheap compared to hemp canvas bags, $6
  • Durable – the stretchy plastic makes stuffing this bag easy
  • Built in rubber band keeps bags neat and tidy
  • Array of colors, easy for categorizing foods
  • Easy to wash and dry since it’s plastic

What could be improved:

  • We question the use of plastic, haha!

I’ve been using them for over a month on weekly grocery trips. Don’t be fooled by how thin they are. They hold a lot. To give you an idea, one bag was enough to hold a head of lettuce, 32 oz can of broth, 3 apples, 2 oranges, a bag of grapes, 2 bunches of kale, and a bunch of carrots. They’re no more convenient than canvas bags and I never spend the time to carefully roll them up into the built-in bands. If you haven’t already made the switch to reusable bags, I’d recommend these since they’re so much easier to wash and especially dry than bags made hemp and cotton.

Company: Flip & Tumble [Buy It Here]