You Like the Cold Water? Vertical Ice.

You love the cold water. For when you want ice in a nice place, there is the “Iced Carafe.” Design team “Officeoriginair” brings you what’s basically a simple contraption, made simply for having wonderful time! Molded plastic with a rubber stopper, made in such a fashion that if you freeze an amount of water in the bottle while it’s on it’s side, the ice will stay put!

Full on cold your entire drink experience.

The ice. It sticks to the inside of the bottle, on the side. It makes the whole drink cold. The whole time you drink it. And if you just sit there and wait to see if the ice will fall off into your drink, you’ll notice that once it does, it’s still a giant hunk of ice, a vertical piece of ice, which is still keeping your drink cold.

Viva vertical ice!

Designer: Officeoriginair