A New Use For That Old Fishing Line

If you have an anxiety about chaotic arrays of tangled knots, then this hanging light from Francois Azambourg isn’t for you. If however, you enjoy watching your friends drunkenly stumble into things, become entangled, and possibly asphyxiate themselves, then boy are you in the right place. Believably called Brindilles, this 3 foot wide fixture hangs down 8½ feet and makes use of 108 LEDs to flash in the forest of fiber optic cable. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say this isn’t cat friendly either.

Available at Ligne Roset

Designer: Francois Azambourg


  • Eric says:

    So is this piece installed in-home by someone? I would hate to unpack this box! I think it looks cool, but eh, whatevs…

  • Mowgli says:

    it looks like fireworks! i love it!

  • winnie says:

    quite cool!!i will try to DIY this

  • Slick-Vick says:

    Brindilles is definitely a gorgeous Chandelier/sculpture.
    35.5″ in diameter and 102.25″ max high. It uses fiber optics and LED’s and as a result the price tag is $5,000. To answer to the first comment, yes, it is professionally installed. Also, it could serve well over a dining table or a stair case. However, like all LED lamps it doesn’t emit enough light to serve as the main light source in a room.

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