Hon, Make Me A Card Please!

Oh you lazy slob! You can expect that comment, coming your way this Valentines’! Christmas you scraped through…thank god for that designer cashmere you got her. But come February, you’re going to need more than just roses and champagne. Too late to join art classes buddy; might as well DIY with The ___ Cards.

You don’t need to get mushy or spunky, just pop a few holes and the job’s done. Just like that! In a jiffy!

This is what the designers have to say about The ___ Cards:

“Imagine a greeting card that does it all. Perhaps The ___ Cards fits the bill. It’s all in your hands. What you have is a blank canvas. With a little creativity and imagination, who knows what you can create? There’s a card for every occasion. Make it special. Make it personal. Make it your ___ card. “

Designers: The Breeding Ground